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Gardner CamFlex Continental Leadfree 65lb

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amFlex Continental Leadfree leader is a higher diameter, stronger version of our hugely popular, acclaimed Leadfree material.

Just like the original, it is a superb fast sinking leader material that has been woven using 100% heavy PTFE fibres, so it has the highest possible weight for a non-core leader material. Just like mainlines, the volume of material increases much faster with diameter, effectively enhancing the sinking characteristics by adding significantly more weight per meter.

The soft, smooth and supple nature of Gardner CamFlex Leadfree means that the material will naturally settle close to the lake bed when it is fished slack, and most importantly feels ‘natural’ when a fish brushes against it.

The subtle flecked finish of this material blends in superbly, offering excellent rig camouflage in almost any aquatic environment. Thanks to the PTFE fibres used in CamFlex’s construction the colour doesn’t darken dramatically when it is wet, so the shade that you see on the spool is the colour of the leader when it is on the lake bed.

The new flecked ‘Weedy Green’ is the perfect colour for use whilst fishing amongst a wide variety of pond weeds or blanket weed. Quite simply, it blends in superbly. This shade of green also works really well over pale lake beds, like clean sand and gravel where the low contrast ensures it blends in amazingly well.

The Muddy Silt has a darker overall shade, and is the perfect colour for use on lakes that have darker coloured muddy beds and venues where the bottom is covered in dark filamentous algae.

The braiding used in CamFlex Leadfree means that it is easy to splice and offers extremely strong and really neat connections between mainline and leader plus joining onto terminal components.

CamFlex Leadfree combines a low diameter with an amazingly limp, super soft silky feel and outstanding sinking and abrasion properties! It is available in 45lb and 65lb breaking strains in either Weedy Green or Muddy Silt.

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