Cull-em V Series RIB RINGER 4"

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Cull-em Value Series Ribbed Ringer 4" 5pk
The Cull-em G-Tail measure 3”

The G-Tail have a narrow, but curly tail to give an excellent action.

G-Tail can be rigged Texas Style, fished on a mojo rig or Carolina rig.

The G-Tail are supplied 5pcs per pack

Plastic worms are best rigged weedless. Follow the diagrams to rig the plastics weedless. Ideally the point of the hook should be hidden just under the skin of the plastic worm. A bullet weight can be added to help the lure sink. Slowly drag the plastics along the bottom for best results – be sure to strike hard when a fish bites to set the hook properly.

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