Daiwa Crosscast Landing Net

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Available as a one or two piece, each handle is made from a strong but light 3k woven carbon fiber, with both featuring a 42-inch 8mm olive green soft mesh which is very fish friendly.

Ideal for a multitude of bank work, the two-piece model can be used at a shorter length – ideal for fishing from a boat!

Both options feature a black anodised aluminium spreader block with composite net arms.

Features & Specifications

  • 1.8m in length, handle available as a one and two piece
  • 3k woven handle with carbon composite arms
  • Machined spreader block
  • 42” frame
  • 45” in depth 8mm Olive green mesh
  • 300mm EVA shrink grip handle
  • Stainless steel butt cap

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