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Gardner Dark Chod Hooks Size 4

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  • Is the new Covert Dark Chod hook the ultimate chod and hinged stiff rig hook? Well if they weren’t before the Covert Dark treatment they certainly are now!

    Why? We have implemented totally re-profiled hook points; making them longer, with an amazing refined tapered shape and even sharper than ever before. Realistically, just on its own this one change elevates the Chod pattern to a whole new level, but that’s not all we have done…

    We have changed the protective plating to a single layer matt black electroplated finish that ensures the hook points stays amazingly sharp. Finally, we have incorporated micro barbs on all of our patterns so that they can now be used at a wider range of commercial fisheries. This also has the benefit of maintaining the hook’s strength as the micro barb reduces the amount of wire carved out to create the barb. Chod Hooks need to be strong to cope with big hard fighting carp and that’s exactly what they are!

    The pattern features a wide gape, non reversed bend and medium length shank, with a 15 degree out-turned eye that ensures that materials like Trip Wire and fluorocarbons exit the inside of the eye at the optimum angle (doesn’t close up the gape), encouraging the hook to turn aggressively with a whipping style Knotless, Snell and Domhoff knot.

    The medium length shank and long tapered point are angled slightly in-turned towards one another, which is a critical attribute, as it provides the strongest possible hook holds as this aids penetration and a firm hook hold will inevitably mean more fish hooked are landed.

    Gardner Covert Dark Chod hooks feature:

    • COVERT DARK matt finish.
    • Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point.
    • Medium shank and 15 degree out-turned.
    • Micro Barb.
    • Manufactured from Extra strong forged, double tempered high ca

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