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Gardner Leadcore Splicing Needle

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1x Avid Titanium Retracta - Splicing Needle

This needle is great for neatly splicing loops into leadcore or unleaded materials. It can also be used as a baiting needle when hair rigging small, soft baits without splitting or tearing.

The Titanium Retracta tools have been developed through years of using inadequate carp fishing baiting tools which don't fit in compact modern tackle boxes well and break after just a few uses. The needles are titanium coated to increase strength and durability. The retractable design of the needles allows the needle points to be stored away and protected, to prevent any form of damage to both user and the needle itself.

  • Retractable design for easier transportation.
  • Super-strong titanium coated needle.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle.
  • Soft-touch handle.

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