Korda Basix Lead Clip Leaders

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The BASIX Lead Clip Leaders are constructed from a woven, lead-free material which takes on water very well, ensuring that it not only sinks quickly, but due to its suppleness, also follows the contours of the lake bed. It is a camo green colour which blends in well to help keep it disguised. The leader comes complete with a lead clip and tail rubber, also in camo green, along with a size 8 QC swivel attached to one end. Perfect to use in conjunction with the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs, you can simply clip on your rig, add a lead, and you are ready to go.

BASIX Lead Clip Leaders are 50cm long and there is a spliced loop at the other end to make it easy to attach to your main line. Pack of 2.

The Basix Range has been designed to cater for carp anglers on a budget, with the emphasis being on providing high quality products, which will catch fish, but at a price that anyone can afford.
Korda realise that not everyone who goes fishing has large amounts of spare cash to spend so they have put together a range of Basix products that will allow youngsters, anglers new to the sport, those on a limited budget, occasional anglers and anyone who simply doesn't want to spend a lot of money, to fish safely and effectively.

As the name suggests, the Basix range is a more 'basic' version of some of Korda's existing tackle items, with the emphasis being on delivering a good quality product that will catch plenty of fish using simple methods, perfect for the general carp angler.
This range is not aimed at specialist carp anglers fishing at extreme range, on weedy lakes or snag fishing.

The development of this range has focused on keeping the number of rig components required down. It was important that the products did a specific job without the need to buy a number of different components to achieve the same effect, and the Basix Wide Gape hook falls firmly into that category. Korda designed the hook to have an aggressively in-turned eye, compared to the original, which removes the need for shrink tube or a Kicker to ensure it flips over. It has also been purposely made so that the point isn't quite so thin, yet is still sharp enough, and this means it can be used to catch fish multiple times without changing the hook.

The Basix Range offers everything needed from the hook end and mounting a bait-right the way back to bite indication, Korda have even created the Basix Carp Cradle to ensure your catch is safe out of the water. Korda are proud to present the Basix Range to the angling world and their motivation is to help youngsters, new anglers and anglers from countries with lower incomes to have the tackle they need to be able to catch fish just as well, if not better, then the angler next to them.

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