Korda Krank X Hook

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The Krank hook design has been an incredible success and the shape is very different to anything else available!

This pattern is the brainchild of product development guru Tom Dove, who designed it to meet his requirement for a beaked point hook with a swept shank, and is perfect for rigs such as the popular KD presentation, and even a simple knotless knot hair rig set-up.

It has been produced by the finest Japanese hook maker specifically for Korda and to our own design and specification, and now there is an uprated Krank X version for those who need an even stronger hook.

The Krank X is brilliant for use on UK waters with heavy weed or snags, especially when targeting larger fish, as well as being a great choice for continental carping and perfect for your trips to France.

It features a super sharp beaked point that is slightly offset, with a curved shank and slightly in-turned eye, along with a micro barb, just like the hugely popular original, but the wire gauge has been stepped up.

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