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Korda Propolis Carp Care

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Carp Care All-in-One liquid

- An all-in-one carp care liquid
- Anti-septic and anti-bacterial
- Replaces our old two-bottle packs
- Helps heal nicks, scratches or sores anywhere on the body

Our new All-in-One Carp Care liquid was developed in the Koi industry and offers a complete one stop shop for fish protection.

It contains a concentrate designed to provide maximum adhesion to fish, so the All-In-One doesn't wash away like other antiseptic treatments. Containing the very latest anti-bacterial agents, which are found in many modern healthcare products for human use, this product has been designed for use on all parts of the fish, removing the need for separate mouth and body liquids.

All-In-One Carp Care liquid will adhere to fish for up to five days, and it's also suitable for all coarse species. The bottle has an easy-twist dispensing cap, which stops spillage and helps maintain a 10-year shelf life.

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