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OMC Blend Coated Hooklink 35lb BROWN 20M

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Silky Smooth but a strong skin with a soft inner, I can produce the goods absolutely anywhere. We don't mind saying it, the BLEND Coated Braid is quite simply as good as it can get. A resilient faultless coating coupled with a stunning inner braid, gives you suppleness, great knots & a versatile material! Once you’ve used this Hooklink for the first time, you’ll find it hard to use any other again. Very versatile, it can be stripped back easily or even used straight through as a solid material depending on your rig choice. 

20m Spools

Available in:

18lb - (8.2kg 0.55mm) 

25lb - (11.4kg 0.60mm) 

35lb - (15.9kg 0.65mm) 

Two Colours Green & Brown


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