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OMC Kickback Heavy Fluoro 0.62mm 15m 30LB

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I may be invisible underwater, but I'm the perfect partner for one of the most popular rigs in carp fishing. A strong, stiff, high diameter Fluorocarbon Filament, makes KICKBACK an impeccable main section of the renowned Spinner & Ronnie Rigs. The stiffness of the material kicks the Hook away from the Lead System either on the cast or during moments when the rig is tampered with underwater. Strong, reliable and adaptable.

Size: 15m

Available in: 0.52mm or 0.62mm

0.52mm Kickback to be used with Vitabitz 0.6mm Crimp 

0.62mm Kickback to be used with Vitabitz 0.7mm Crimp




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