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OMC Magic Twig Lead Clip Light

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The Revolutionary Magic Twig SELF-TRIGGERING HOOKING DEVICE IS HERE! This ingenious PATENT pending device will 100% increase your catch rate as PROVEN Underwater. 

For decades fish have been able to shake the Hook free even before you know they’ve picked your hook bait up! Not any MORE. This Loaded Self Triggering Device means as soon as a fish takes your hookbait and turns to straighten your hooklink thus making contact with the weight of your lead or tension in your line, The Magic Twig will Trigger from its LOADED state to recoil and prick the fish quicker, causing an instant bolting reaction, more positive bites, creating an infinitely higher pick-up to hooked fish ratio, better hook holds and many more landed fish. 

With FISH SAFETY of No.1 importance, this product has been used across the UK & Europe during the last two years of its development to test all elements of the design even in the most extreme snaggy and weedy conditions.

Following extensive UNDERWATER, field research & testing there is no doubt that this is one of the greatest Terminal Tackle breakthroughs in the history of carp & fishing rig mechanics. 

The Lead Clip Version is extremely easy to use, it compliments our OMC Pin Lead Clip that houses a Size 8 Swivel. Pull into the Lead Clip, then quite simply connect your Hooklink to the Size 8 QC Swivel at the other end of The Magic Twig. 

Once extended and the arms fixed in the LOADED position simply fasten with PVA prior to long casting to stop the device unloading during casting long distances or with larger baits.

You will know by the positivity of your bites just how formidable The Magic Twig is…enjoy the wizardry, we look forward to your phone memory filling up with MANY MORE Catch shots due to your angling adventures and a little Underwater Rig assistance from your Magical Twig lookalike friend! 

**THE variations DO NOT DETERMINE what size of lead to use them with! Many factors like the Lakebed you’re fishing over, the size of fish, and of course lead size all need to be considered.**  PLEASE READ BELOW

LIGHT - Triggered at 4.5oz 

**Good for use with double-figure fish and bigger, also brilliant when using larger leads, River feeders or to drop from Bait Boats and Boats**




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