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OMTD Smart Hook Big Weighted Swimbait Hook

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f you like to use larger style swimbaits and you want to keep them closer to the bottom, you need a hook that has more bite than a traditional swimbait hook.  The OMTD Smart Hooks Big Weighted Swimbait Hook is perfect for rigging 6-9” hollow body or solid body swimbaits, and with the added belly weight to the shank of the hook, it allows you to keep your bait deeper in the water column.  The Big Weighted Swimbait Hook is made out of fortified, forged steel that won’t bend out, and an extra wide gap to increase your hook-up ratio.  The hook also features a corkscrew style keeper that holds your swimbait perfectly straight, an extra big eyelet to accommodate heavier fishing lines, and OMTD’s Pierce Point Technology that easily pins fish on the hook-set.  When you need a heavier hook to reach deeper structure, the OMTD Smart Hooks Big Weighted Swimbait Hook will get your swimbait down where the big fish lurk.  

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