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Prologic Bait Balancing Kit 7mm

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1x Prologic Bait Balancing Kit 7mm



The tubes are part of a wide range of EVA foams from the Prologic Last Meter series. Elements of the series use foams of various densities, shapes and colors - everything to meet all the needs of carp anglers. These tubes use low-density foam for greater buoyancy due to a better volume-to-weight ratio. Additionally, our tubes can absorb liquid attractors and release them for much longer than traditional solutions. Perfect for balancing or picking up a bait, e.g. in Zig Rigs. The package includes foam tubes with a diameter of 15mm and a length of 55mm, in 6 different colors. It is enough to cut them to the required length and, depending on your preferences, soak them with the attractor.

• Available in two sizes

• Perfect for use with balls, tiger nuts and pellets

• You will turn any bottom bait into a perfectly balanced one

• Ease of use

Dimensions : 7mm

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