Prologic BAT+ Bite Alarm Set 3+1 BLUE

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The ProLogic BAT+ Bite Alarm Set is built to last, designed with a reliable, internal electronic system and includes 3 bite alarms with traditional LEDs and a receiver.

These bite alarms offer reliable and great bite detection accuracy and both the alarm and receiver have waterproof construction housing. The alarm has 5 sensitivity ratings and a 6 volume level with silent mode.

They also include a manual night light function and have hi-visibility LEDs.

The receiver and alarms have a 100m range and the receiver also includes a level 5 volume control with silent mode.

Each bite alarm is supplied with a protective cover and the receiver is supplied with a carabiner and a glow in the dark cover for great visibility at night time.

The alarms operate with 2 x AAA batteries and the receiver operates with 1 x 9v battery. Please note batteries are not included.

The ProLogic BAT+ Bite Alarm Set is supplied in a hard, zipped carry case and we have the 3 + 1 LED model in multi-colour alarms or blue coloured alarms.

This includes 3 bite alarms, 1 receiver and an instruction manual.

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