Prologic K1 Low Profile 3 Rod Pod

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The K1 Low profile rod pod is the brain child of our highly skilled consultancy team. Making it one of the lightest and most compact Rod pods we have ever produced. The K1 low Profile is designed to give you the options without the inconvenience of having to carry extra kit. Whether you require a single bank stick to buzz bar or even a stylish goal post set up incorporation the adjustable uprights, the K1 low profile can cover almost every eventuality without any compromise. The K1 styled goal post buzz bars simply drop in to place and are secured further by an external locking screw. This oversized CNC precision cut alloy brace in fully adjustable in length and allows for a quick and effortless assembly. Boasting both strength and stability that has never been seen before on such a compact set up. The K1 Buzzer bars are all fitted with locking collars, meaning that the interchangeable buzz bar uprights can be secured with confidence. They are all fully adjustable via our K1 cam-lock system allowing you to fine tune and adjust your set up accordingly. The padded carry case offers great protection and has been really thought about with regards to bank time efficiency. Once your Bite alarms and butt grips have been mounted on the uprights simply remove the upright internals and place them in their very own dedicated storage position within the carry bag. Making the most of your precious time on the bank, resulting in more time fishing and less time wasted.

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