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Rapala Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig 17g ROL

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Product information "RAPALA Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig 17g ROL"
  • The Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple lures and blends them into a full-sensory attack
  • Fitted with a welded silicone skirt and a uniquely printed and snag-reducing blade, this lure swims with irresistible flash and vibration
  • The versatile and easy-to-fish Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig is effective in any type of situation
  • The lure’s construction allows for using a trailer for increased volume
  • Printed Blade
  • Welded Silicone Skirt
  • Trailer Keeper
  • Lead-Free Construction
  • Rap-V 3D Holographic Eye
  • VMC® 7250 Black Nickel 6/0

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