Sonik Xtractor 3-Rod

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  • Sonik Xtractor 3-Rod

    The Sonik Xtractor 3-Rod Pod is a revolution in angling gear. Crafted with high-quality materials and versatile design, it provides optimal stability, adaptability and convenience to avid anglers. With this pod, not only are you guaranteed a top-class setup, but also the comfort and ease of use that every angler dreams of.

    Constructed with a robust aluminium frame, this rod pod is both lightweight and impressively strong. The superior black anodised finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a layer of protection against corrosion and wear. With a modest weight of 1.15kg, this piece of equipment is easy to handle and transport.

    One of the unique selling points of the Sonik Xtractor 3-Rod Pod is the high degree of customisation it offers. Pozi lock alignment collars ensure perfect alignment, whilst the cam lock height adjustment feature allows for precise height changes depending on your needs. This design enables a large variety of bankside setups, allowing you to adjust to any terrain - whether it's a dock, peg or uneven ground.


    Key Features

    • Strong and light aluminium construction
    • Superior quality black anodised finish
    • Highly customisable setup options
    • Pozi lock alignment collars
    • Cam lock height adjustment
    • Adjustable centre bar with stage stand setup
    • Two-stage angle adaptors for ultimate stability
    • Padded carry case Dimensions
    • Width 51 Length 33-58 Height 15-37 cm
    • Reel Spacing 15.5 cm
    • Transport Dimensions W=50 H=27 D8 cm
    • Weight 1.15kg

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